One of the questions I’m asked all the time is “What is CA Innovation and what is a part-time or virtual FD?”

Most people know what a bookkeeper is, and they know what a Financial Manager or FD is, but the idea of a  “Virtual FD” is new to most people and to most businesses.

A Virtual FD is a high level accounting and finance executive, who is able to split his/her time between multiple businesses allowing them to benefit from the skills of an FD, while sharing the cost with multiple business owners. There is also sharing of knowledge between businesses which benefits all. Until recently, this was not a practical option for most executives because of the time and expense of traveling between clients.

Thanks to the advances in technology, it became possible for a qualified FD to add significant value and work efficiently for multiple companies without having to travel from office to office. The trouble was that the cost of having the right computer system and security needed for remote access was still too high for most small to medium sized businesses.

Now, thanks to cloud technology even the smallest businesses can afford the services that allow for remote access by a Virtual FD.  This means that a business that only needs a few hours a month of a valuable FD’s time can  now be a productive client for a focused FD working remotely.

With our unique offering, CA Innovation is uniquely qualified to help business owners see the game-changing difference that having a seasoned FD on their executive team can make.  If you would like to explore you options, give us a call and we will help you explore your options.