Mentorship & consulting services

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The mentors participating in the programme are carefully selected individuals who have proved themselves successful in their business and careers, and who support the endeavours of Business Partners Limited Consulting and Mentorship Services to provide a service of high standards and quality.

These consultants and mentors are prepared to make time available to assist entrepreneurs to improve the efficiency, profitability and growth of their businesses.

All consultants and mentors subscribe to the Business Partners Limited code of ethics which will ensure that the principles of integrity, good faith, confidentiality, impartiality, incorruptibility, accountability and professional conduct, will be adhered to.

Services offered

This added value service is available in all provinces and is supported by Business Partners Limited’s national infrastructure and computerised database. Business counselling is a proven practice, worldwide, whereby business problems are diagnosed, expertise shared, solutions sought and guidance given. Consultants and Mentors provide on-going counselling and support, based on experience, knowledge, skills and wisdom.


The mentor fulfils the role of a business counsellor to the entrepreneur, which implies that the full spectrum of functions of managing a business will be covered, depending on the nature and size of the business and the expertise of the mentor. Apart from advising on and assisting with basic and practical functions of management, the mentor will be involved in problem diagnosis, investigations, formulating solutions, recommendations, appropriate actions, coaching, implementation and follow-up.

Specialised assistance

Consultants may be required to provide specialised assistance with specific management functions and areas such as budgets, administration, credit control, cash flow, information systems, marketing, human resources, production, and other business activities such as expansion, construction, installing a new plant or an accounting system where specialised expertise which is not internally available, is needed for a short period of time.

Business Partners Limited Consultant and Mentor Services will as far as possible, try to match the consultant or mentor with the appropriate expertise and skills to the needs of the particular business.

Legal Services

legal services2

The valuation of any business hinges around business continuity, which is partially determined by the nature of its relationships with its suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. It is important for business owners to ensure that they lock in value through the conclusion of watertight contracts, which protect terms of trade and other rights.  We strive to make the legal aspects of our client’s transactions as simple as possible.

In this ever changing and disruptive business environment we understand the decisions and risks our clients need to make to stay ahead and the implications of having top legal advice and smooth running with regards these ventures.

We join hands to reach their commercial objectives by means of ensuring that the necessary contractual documentation has been concluded.

Online Marketing Services

online marketing2

We are living in a new world, operating in new ways. Successful businesses are now based on models of interconnectivity.

As an online marketing agency this means endless possibilities and us taking a creative approach to impacting the lives of our customers and their customers.
We are most comfortable in the arena of Social Media and thrive on the use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, You Tube and LinkedIn and others as key tools for relationship building, growth and retention.  Our team of programmers, designers and copywriters will revamp your website and directly impact your image and sales.

Let us integrate your offline strategy with powerful online initiatives which will drop straight to your bottom line.