A new breed of accountant

Successful and sustainable business models require flexible financial solutions. We recognise that companies operate in a volatile business environment. Strategies no longer work for several years with minimal correction, and financial accounting and systems need to be highly adaptable, inventive and sensitive to change.

Our approach is to form a vital, long-term alliance with our clients. We do not only provide you with our comprehensive range of professional services, but also bring you big-picture thinking and offer practical implementation. The results are a healthy cash flow, growth-reporting, achievable budgets and all-inclusive financial management.

Financial Management Services

We offer a broad range of Financial Management Services at highly competitive fees. Our professionalism, personal service and attention to detail are unmatched.

Budgeting and Fixed Costs

Creating, monitoring and managing a budget is key to profitability.

  • We draft your annual budget for the financial year under review based on historical performance
  • We monitor budgeted against actual amounts on a monthly basis and identify focus areas for the month ahead
  • We analyse costs and advise on ways to reduce them as well as recognising and addressing possible cash flow challenges
  • We calculate your fixed (break-even) monthly recurring costs and suggest possible cost savings if appropriate
  • We ensure that your budgeted revenues and costs are aligned with your strategic goals and objectives

Reporting & Tracking

  • We will implement tracking tools to assist the business owner with in-depth KPI visibility of where his business is on a daily basis
  • We will suggest reporting business data in a manner which will enable the business owner to make clear decisions with confidence by using the right information collected in the right way
  • We will implement reporting structures where management accounts will be finalised and reviewed within 14 days from month end
  • We will set clear sales and marketing targets giving employees structure and direction
  • We will enable the reporting of daily KPI data so that trends can be analysed and immediate corrective action can be taken

Strategic Review

The review identifies opportunities to improve results through greater efficiency and effectiveness

  • We document your vision, mission and values and set clear long-term goals with objectives
  • We review your annual and monthly growth goals and objectives, these will be congruent with your long-term goals
  • We assist you in developing a documented strategic plan with detailed action steps to track performance against goals
  • We continuously evaluate the existing system of internal controls and organisational structure and suggest improvements
  • We consider peers roles, operational and financial processes, data processing, reporting and assessment of technology

Cash Flow

More businesses fail for “lack of cash flow” than for “lack of profit”

  • We draft a user-friendly daily cash flow forecast document which is simple and easy to review
  • We provide a detailed assessment of the current cash position of the business
  • We monitor and manage cash flows on a monthly basis and identify focus areas
  • We suggest improvements that would result in better cash flows (debtors collections, inventory management and creditors payments)

Profit ratios and performance

  • We review your monthly profit performance against your budgeted profit and identify key focus areas
  • We review your basic balance sheet ratios and suggest where these can be improved
  • We analyse gross profit (GP%) by product and by customer and suggest areas to concentrate resources on
  • We identify sales and profit trends and we then determine cash flow pressure points

Evaluate Pricing

  • Together with the owner we evaluate your product and services selling prices in relation to current business costs and competitors prices and provide an educated assessment of where you should be pegging your selling price

Our vision (Why are we in business?)
Our vision is simple: We’re in the business of “Building Great Businesses” for our clients. Our vision is to uplift and empower our clients so as to allow them to grow and lead. We would like business owners to create competitive advantages, generate sustainable profits and take their businesses and staff to the next level.

Our Mission (What will we do to turn our vision into a client’s reality?)
Our mission is to provide our clients with practical, sound and innovative financial management and strategic  services. It is all about “Financial-Forward-Motion” for our clients. We facilitate practical decision-making by applying a solutions-based and systematic approach to whatever your business challenges are.

Our values (How will we do it?)
Our core values are fundamental and they underpin all that we do. Mutual respect, integrity and honesty, these values define our reputation. Teamwork, passion, optimism and staying positive enhances our performance. Focus, application and a relentless attitude to our daily work ensures deliverables are met.

Why Choose CA Innovation

Our involvement will…

  • allow your business to grow organically
  • advance your financial operations
  • improve your cash flow position
  • increase your business stability and manage with confidence
  • isolate problem areas so these can be tackled
  • enable you to capitalise on your business strengths
  • provide innovation which ignites practical solutions for your business
  • unleash your company’s potential

Our financial insights will transform your business.

Our deliverable is: CA expertise for an affordable price.

Financial education allows financial freedom.

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