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    Investing in residential property – A good investment or not?

Investing in residential property – A good investment or not?

I think you’ll all agree with me that residential property is a good investment. The best proof of this is probably your own private home provided you bought in the right area.

According to surveys carried out by the banks, people live in a house for an average of seven years before selling it to buy another one. The chances [...]

What is a part-time Financial Director?

One of the questions I’m asked all the time is “What is CA Innovation and what is a part-time or virtual FD?”

Most people know what a bookkeeper is, and they know what a Financial Manager or FD is, but the idea of a  “Virtual FD” is new to most people and to most businesses.

A Virtual FD is a high [...]

Exit planning – Small businesses

When your business can operate successfully without your (owner) daily involvement, the business becomes valuable to you as it provides you with freedom and equally to potential buyers of the business since the business’s success is not predominantly dependent upon your involvement, actions and efforts.

So what do you need to focus on to get to this autonomous state and [...]

Strategy – Keep It Simple

Strategic Planning

Keep it Simple, Stupid !!!

In business, it’s not sufficient to just have a great idea, a great product or a great service and then hope that success will find its way to you. Successful businesses are built around a vision or a purpose. This is what drives people within the business to set out on a mission to achieve [...]

Strategy Tips

Having been involved in a few strategic planning processes, I have found that most management teams struggle with the concept of developing strategies versus implementing projects.  Most management teams jump directly into the projects and more often than not, these do not result in the desired strategic outcome.

Successful companies are typically those that develop strategic plans that drive toward [...]

Cash Flow

Creating, Monitoring and Managing a Cash Budget Is Key to Business Growth
Are you finding it hard to retain any cash in your business? If you’re constantly running out of cash you may be looking at your business in the wrong way and mismanaging your cash as a result. There’s one way you can ensure that your business retains [...]

Business Solutions

A goal without a plan is just a wish
CA Innovation offers practical business solutions for changing business requirements. Implementing transformation and innovation is rarely a straightforward task. It requires goal setting and demands total commitment from all staff and management alike. Planning is mostly about evaluating the present and considering a variety of possible future scenarios. We assist [...]